Cookright Kitchen Services - Quality Cooking Oil Supply, Vat Filtering & Used Cooking Oil Collection

Welcome to Cookright Kitchen Services a New Zealand owned and operated company servicing the food industry for over 15 years.

Vat Cleaning & Filtering - Cooking oil supply - Waste cooking oil removal - Overhead Filter & Hood cleaning

Franchisee & machineOur team of over 30 Cookright Franchisees throughout New Zealand clean deep fryers (vats), filter cooking oil, supply high quality, Zero Trans Fat Canola cooking oils, Cottonseed, Rice Bran and beef shortening, and offer other Kitchen services. Our franchisees also remove Used Cooking Oils, which are converted to bio-fuels in an approved, eco-friendly manner for use in New Zealand.

Cookright franchisees provide a service to businesses such as hotels, restaurants, institutional organisations, for example: hospitals, universities, army bases, flight caterers, clubs and larger hotels/motels and take-aways using deep frying cooking vats.


waste oil collectionWhy Use Us?

Cookright is a New Zealand owned company with over 30 locally operated franchises around New Zealand.

Cookright is a franchisor member of the N.Z. Franchise Association (

We have been in business since 1997.

The Cookright concept is a good one because it involves the provision of a service that consumers regard highly. The basis of the Cookright business is a filtering process in which used cooking oil from large deep cooking vats is refined and rejuvenated. The filtering process includes the use of a special filtering machine. Cookright holds the intellectual property rights for the filtering machine and arranges the manufacture and supply of this key component.

Contact your Local Franchisee today to arrange a free, no obligation demonstration of our vat cleaning services. Our standard recommended retail price for servicing one fryer is $30.00 (+GST).  - less any discount negotiated for the receipt of waste oil and the servicing of multiple fryers.  Phone your local Cookright Franchisee 0800 VATMAN (0800 828 626) and arrange a consultation and quote.


Tracey comments that Cookright is the perfect business partner for them as there are no overheads, with the big added advantage of being their own bosses. Tracey says......"   Read more
As a result of rapid business growth, Cookright Filtering Services has exciting franchise opportunities available.
You can contact us today for our free Overview Pack and to find out more about joining our professional Cookright team.

You can order your Cookright Cooking Oils by contacting your local franchisee for pricing and minimum orders

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