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Vat Cleaning & Filtering - Cooking oil supply - Waste cooking oil removal - Overhead Filter & Hood cleaning

The professional team at Cookright work hard to save you time and money. We use mobile filtering equipment to service your deep fryers (Vats), leaving your cooking oil filtered and your vats clean.Refilling vat with new oil

Our specialised equipment allows us to handle and filter hot oil safely and hygienically, leaving your vats sparkling and making your cooking oil last longer.

At Cookright, we can clean your vat (deep fryer) and filter the contents in about 25 minutes, saving you time and money. Our filtering system not only extends the life of your cooking oil, saving you money, it also improves the colour of the oil and reduces odour by removing unhealthy impurities, thus improving the taste and appearance of deep fried food. Your customers will see the difference. More about Cookright...

Cleaning Vat 

Contact your Local Franchisee today to arrange a free, no obligation demonstration of our vat cleaning services. The cost for cleaning one vat is approximately $30.00 (+GST). For multiple vats, please check with the Cookright Franchisee in your area.


Overhead filter removal and cleaning







Terms of Trade:
Goods and services are supplied in accordance with Cookright's commercial trade terms click on the "Terms of Trade" heading to view our complete commercial terms of trade. General payment terms are by 20th month following the date of invoice, or as otherwise agreed with your Franchisee. Interest will be charged at the rate of 2% per month on any balance unpaid by due date.

Cookright's Registered Trademarks are:

  • Cookright (No.s 290215, 290216, 290217)
  • The Vatman (or Vat Man) (No. 294071)
  • Micromagic (No. 283119)

Cookright Directors:
Colin R. Wright & Robert S. Cook, of Palmerston North and Steve McMullen of Napier

Legal Advisors:
Patrick Learmonth, Macky Roberton Solicitors, Auckland and Peter McKenzie, Q.C. of Wellington.

Franchise Agreement:
Prepared by Macky Roberton Solicitors, Auckland


Maurice says he is particularly pleased to be working for himself after years of having to deal with staffing problems. He says that when he walks into a client's......"   Read more
As a result of rapid business growth, Cookright Filtering Services has exciting franchise opportunities available.
You can contact us today for our free Overview Pack and to find out more about joining our professional Cookright team.

You can order your Cookright Cooking Oils by contacting your local franchisee for pricing and minimum orders

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