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Cooking Oils for Sale 

Cookright supplies a wide range of quality vegetable cooking oils to the retail food and catering industries.  Cookright Hi Lo Canola Oil, Cottonseed Oil and Rice Bran oil all meet the current Industry Standard as set by The Chip Group ( 

Cookright recommends Hi Lo (Hi Oleic) oil our premium high quality long life oil ;

  • Lasts longer saving you money
  • Improves food quality
  • Less smoke and smell - cleaner kitchen and dining environment
  • Is healthy, only 7% saturated fat, Zero tranz fats

Our high quality cooking oil products include:

Canola Oils (imported from Canada)

  •  Hi Lo Canola (Zero Trans Fats) - 17.30Lts
  • Clear Fry Canola Oil (Zero Trans Fats) - 17.30Lts

 Cottonseed Oil (imported from USA)

  • Cottonseed Oil - 17.4 litres

Rice Bran Oil (imported from Thailand)

  • Rice Bran Oil - 20 litres (Bag-in-Box)
  • Rice Bran Oil - 4.5 litres

Beef Shortening - NZ manufactured product

  • Beef shortening - 20 kgs


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As a result of rapid business growth, Cookright Filtering Services has exciting franchise opportunities available.
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You can order your Cookright Cooking Oils by contacting your local franchisee for pricing and minimum orders

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