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Cookright and the Environment

So, how's Cookright doing?

Well, we are not perfect but we are working towards a happy sustainable environment!

The three key aspects of sustainability are:

  1. Environmental - reducing our impact on the planet
  2. Social - contributing to the well-being of New Zealanders
  3. Economic - contributing to New Zealand's national economy


New Zealand does not have a comparative advantage when it comes to producing Cooking Oils. We would love to sell cooking oils which have been produced in New Zealand but because of our climate and terrain our land is more valuable being used to produce dairy products, meat, fruit and vegetables, wine etc.

Our high quality Canola Cooking Oils travel from Canada, our high quality Beef Shortening and Cottonseed Oils travel from America and our Rice Bran Oil travels to us from Thailand.

When calculating environmental impact it is important to assess both the direct and indirect impacts of production. While no "cradle-to-port" analysis has been done it is unlikely that Cooking Oil could be produced in New Zealand with a lower embodied energy component or environmental impact than in the countries that we source product from. The reasons for this are the scale of overseas operations, the greater expanse of plains well-suited to mechanisation and the hotter climate.

Joining forces with Direct fats and Oils Ltd  has given us a means of disposing of our Used cooking oil in an environmentally friendly fashion. Some of our Franchisees even run their Cookright vans on locally produced biodiesel which reduces greenhouse gas emissions as well as conserves oil, a scarce natural resource.

We have an active policy to reduce the waste we produce - our products come to us in plastic containers and cardboard boxes which can both be recycled.

In the Cookright Head Office, we have a recycling bin for our paper waste, and we return our used print cartridges to the manufacturer for recycling.


Cookright provides direct employment for approximately 50 people. These people in turn provide employment for others who supply goods and services such as engineers and mechanics who service our filter machines and Cookright vehicles, freight companies, staff to devan containers, communications service providers, accountants etc.

We are proud to be able to provide all eateries with high quality cooking oils. Our HiLo Canola Oil, which is our premium product, together with Rice Bran Oil and Cottonseed Oil, contain no trans fats. This provides a more healthy alternative to conventional cooking oils.

While Franchisees are required to use their vans to get from place to place, they do put in a lot of walking time, which is great for their own wellbeing.

Accident levels are low and our Franchisees have a comprehensive Health and Safety policy.


Cookright is a wholly owned New Zealand company so the returns generated are retained in New Zealand. The people employed by the company contribute to New Zealand's GDP as do those in the supply chain who are employed indirectly as a result of the business.

DIrect Fats and Oils NZ Ltd process the Used oil supplied by Cookright to produce Biodiesel, thus saving New Zealand valuable overseas dollars and the transport costs necessary to bring more diesel to New Zealand.

.... So these are the things we are doing and while there is room for improvement, Cookright is conscious of this and looking for opportunities to become more sustainable.


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