Sparkling Clean & Saving You Money

Your Cookright ‘VATMAN’ protects you and your staff from these potentially hazardous & labour-intensive jobs.

He frees up staff so they can prepare, cook & serve.  You just walk in, switch on your sparkling, clean deep fryer & cook station and create tasty food for satisfied customers. 

Cookright’s specialised mobile filtering & cleaning equipment gets your vats & oils sparkling clean in around 25 minutes per vat, extending the life of your oil, saving money & reducing oil odours. Waste oil is removed immediately which means no onsite storage.

You will see & customers will taste the difference, immediately!!

Fryer Cleaning Services

If you own a restaurant or fast-food business, you’ll know that keeping your fryers clean and changing your oil regularly is an arduous task that takes time away from your customers. Our local superhero, the ‘VATMAN,’ takes care of your hazardous, labour-intensive, messy kitchen jobs and gives you time to focus on your business. You can simply walk into your kitchen and find your vats are all sparkling and the oil is changed. Find out more about our fryer cleaning services below.



Vat Cleaning Services in NZ

Cookright Filtering Services Limited provides excellent vat cleaning services in Auckland and other suburbs. Hygiene and efficiency are invaluable qualities in a kitchen, and our VATMAN makes these a reality. We ensure that your kitchen meets health regulations and disposes of the oil according to council requirements.

  • Service: Cookright’s specialised mobile filtering and cleaning equipment get your vats and oils sparkling clean, extending the life of your oil, saving you money and reducing oil odours. We remove waste oil immediately, which means no onsite storage.
  • Time: Our efficient VATMAN only takes around 25 minutes per vat. Whether you prefer your kitchen cleaned in the morning or afternoon, we’re at your beck and call. Contact us today for efficient vat cleaning services in Wellington.
  • Experience: Cookright is a privately-owned New Zealand franchise and has supplied quality oils and cleaned commercial kitchens, cookware and vats reliably for over 30 years. We are also a franchisor member of the NZ Franchise Association. When you choose us, you choose professionalism. 

Call the VATMAN

Whether you’re looking for vat cleaning services in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland, or elsewhere in New Zealand, we have a local VATMAN near you. We have teams in almost every region of the country to ensure that wherever you are, your kitchen has a neighbourhood superhero. Contact us today, and you and your customers will notice the difference immediately!