Super Quality Cooking Oils

With Cookright on board you will save money on your oils & retain quality, tasty food outcomes for your customers.



Omega 9 Canola Oils - Positive Impact PDF

Omega 9 Canola Oils - Case Study PDF


Your Cookright ‘Vatman’ carries a wide range of oils to suit every kitchen’s needs including;

  • Longlife Canola specifically for deep frying
  • Multipurpose Canola’s for everything from deep frying to pan, grill, baking & dressings.
  • Cottonseed for its nutty flavour and preference in many fried chicken systems.
  • Rice Bran Oil preferred by Japanese chefs for deep frying
  • Beef product for traditionalists who prefer the flavour.

Cookright Hi Lo (High Oleic) canola oil is our recommendation for deep frying as it’s designed to last, maintain food quality and produce less smoke and odour.  It is produced specifically for deep frying, is low in saturated fats (7%), lasts longer & cooks cleaner, so ultimately it costs you less.

Your Cookright ‘VATMAN’ has the oils you need.