Your Waste Oil, Gone!

Regular Collection, No Mess, No Vermin, No Spills.

Pail Collection for Weekly Removal

Your Cookright ‘VATMAN’ whisks away your waste oil on a weekly basis, using Cookright’s no-mess, clamp-shut-lid ‘Pail Collection System.’ He removes potentially dangerous, messy, smelly & vermin-attracting waste plus all potential for spillages & accidents from your premises. 


Wheelie Bin Collection for Larger Volumes

And if you are in a more remote/rural location or you have extra large volumes of waste oil, Cookright ‘VATMAN’ supplies you with a wheelie bin (or two) for easy filling, storage, manoeuvring & lockability.

Cookright ‘VATMAN’ stores & recycles your waste cooking oils so you don’t have too & all in-line with local council & Government regulations. All the waste oil we collect is processed through MAF approved zero waste processing plants. 

Plus, you are issued with a certificate confirming your waste oil has been officially removed & recycled. Done